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New exclusive distributor for OMP and INFINITI catalogues and products for Mexico. Leader since more of 30 years into the domestic market for the production and distribution of every kind of seating .

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco
Grupo Reqüiez. SA de CV Parque industrial tecnológico III Av. Colón sur #6013-2 Modulo 4 col. Santa María Tequepexpan. Tlaquepaque, Jalisco. México. 
(33) 3833-7788 y 3833-4577

OMP DO BRASIL imports all types of components from italy and also produces mechanisms, frames and plastic parts for the Brazilian market. OMP DO BRASIL occupies an area of 6.000 m2.

Flores de Cunha
OMP do Brasil Ltda. 
Rua Milano, 1803, São Gotardo 
Flores da Cunha – RS Brasil
Caixa postal 315
Cep: 95270-000 
Fone: ++55 (54) 3292-6464 Fax: ++55 (54) 3292-6460

São Paulo
Rua Alvarenga Peixoto, 112/126, Vila Anastacio
São Paulo - SP - Brasil
Cep: 05095-010
Fone: ++55 (11) 2737-8557

3, Zavodskoy Proezd
141190 Fryazino, Moscow Region
Tel. +7 (495) 221-8845, add. 220
OMP Group: different realities with a common objective
The idea of creating one "big family" stems from the need to centralize the commercial side of the business while leaving each division its own field of action in the components market, which includes processing of plastic, metal and wood.
This means that the group is able to streamline and facilities the sales procedures and at the same time extend the services offered to the customers.

A wide-ranging exhaustive catalogue is available for customers requiring standard products.

For those looking for customised products, OMP Group has specific know-how and works with professionals able to meet all customer requirements, from design right through to production.
OMP Group, as a further service to its customers, offers useful marketing tools, including digital photographs, technical drawings, design of leaflets and brochures.
In order to strengthen its presence on the international market and confirm the quality of its products, OMP Group has forged new partnerships with important groups in Europe, North America, Central America, South America and the Middle East.
Technology & quality
OMP Group: technology, quality and design
OMP Group, an important presence in the office, community and contract furnishing sector, produces and markets a wide range of products, also customized, working with established designers and product engineers.

In line with its policy of continuous growth, OMP Group has created even closer links between the four manufacturing firms that are part of the group: OMP, OMP Plastics Division and METALSEAT.

This results in improved quality if the services offered due also to the fact that the various factories are all close to the headquarters and that the customer has one single commercial reference point.
OMP Group also focuses increasingly on product quality, via constant research into materials, original design, attention to detail and to innovative technological solutions.
OMP Group: synonymous of attention for the environment
OMP Group is synonymous of quality and attention for the environment, as well as of constant research for improvement.
In confirmation of this there are several certificates gained, beginning from the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), that certifies the ability to provide products in wood coming from forests managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic standards.

An other important recognition is the certificate UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 obtained with the DNV, that attests as the company has implemented and maintains a suitable system of environmental management, in compliance with the in force legislation and able to guarantee its constant improving evolution.

The certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, related to the system of management of the quality in all the business processes, planning included, completes the aspect of total quality research made by the company.

Certificates are available in the download area.
Tradition, commitment and innovation: company values.

OMP has been designing and producing office. Home, contract and school components for thirty years.
The company skillfully combines tradition and innovation, experience and the desire to develop. Paying attention to the signs of change expressed by the market and providing its services as a partner always able to offer the customer original new ideas.
Relying on its flexible organized structure and skilled personnel, OMP is a solid dependable firm for the customer to whom it is able to offer a wide choice of high quality products in terms of both materials and design.
OMP directs operations from its eMended and refurbished headquarters in Castello di Godego which occupy a covered surface area of 14.000 m2.
OMP is certified ISO 9001, a guarantee of the quality of its production processes.
Metalseat: advanced technologies to create innovative solutions.

METALSEAT produces metal components for tables and chairs, mainly to customer design.

The firm, which occupies a covered surface area of 2,500 m2, has developed strong commercial links with the North American, British and German markets, offers its services as a dependable expert partner for customers wishing to create a customized product, and assists them both in the prototyping, industrialization and subsequent production phases.

METALSEAT is equipped with technologically advanced systems enabling it to meet the demand for customized products, with laser cut technology for tubes, making product customization on request a key element in company production.

The standard product catalogue is in any case available to all customers and can also be consulted via the internet at the OMP Group website.
OMP Wood Division: the quality of wood guaranteed in the long term.

OMP Wood Division is a flexible organized to guarantee long-term quality of its products.
The wood is carefully processed and delivered in ultra-quick time for use in the home, office and contract furnishing industry.
The firm occupies a covered surface area of 3.500 m2 housing the machines and equipment necessary for precision production of all the multiply components.
OMP Wood Division's priority, in addition to quality, is customization of the product to customer specifications: market demands are translated into ideas and projects and these are transformed into products, following the path of innovation, modernity and creativity.
Creativity, innovation, design culture are the key words to understand the philosophy of Infiniti, the young brand (as created in 2008) today at full throttle, which offers home accessories designed to work, share, relax, welcome.

Just as the name implies, Infiniti does not put limits to the expressive possibilities of each: its design, interpreted as a real sensory experience, comes from the contamination of places, cultures and lifestyles.
The cosmopolitan spirit of the brand is thus expressed through one single mission: to offer objects that belong to the daily lives of everyone, wherever they live. Without boundaries, the world of Infiniti moves from Barcelona to New York, London to Tokyo, from Berlin to Venice. And it never stops.

In fact, the inspiration behind Infiniti concept is made of dynamic values, young and vital: energy, as a set of forms and colors expressing a contemporary rhythm of life, giving vitality and joy to living places; dynamism, typical of a mindset ready to surprise and change; style, which is found in the cult of innovative details and combinations of materials and colors; creativity, or the desire to be daring, surprising, fun. And yet innovation, which means for Infiniti to move increasingly beyond the horizon, looking for new forms and materials; design, as result of a passionate research; a cosmopolitan spirit, as Infiniti's pure Italian style, made of quality, aesthetics and originality, features worldwide. And, finally, emotion. Because Infiniti wants to be a planet journey to collect colors and feelings, catching moments of real life.

Infiniti products are open minded responses to today demands about living spaces, not only so useful items, but also designed to comply with the principles of ergonomics, give pleasure to the eye, ensuring the recyclability and offering intelligent solutions.
Giving expression to everyday life, which is subject to constant change, also Infiniti does not stand still for a moment, always focusing to the ever changing fashion and trends.
For this reason the company does not cease to do research, whose surplus value is the supporting partnership with both internationally weel-known designers and creative young people who, thanks to Infiniti, can enhance their talent.
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